In a Pickle

My Pickle had a rough rough day yesterday.  I am pretty sure I have narrowed it down to: she’s teething.  It is days like yesterday that I am glad I am a Stay-at-home-mom (pretty much) and can just hold her all day if that’s what she needs.

I made a video last night to honor her 3-6 monthsness.  I seriously haven’t seen that happy baby girl in a while…she has been fighting a virus and now the sharp teeth.


In other sister news: Phoebz has the first of many middle school meetings/auditions/interviews/callbacks/juries/tests/showyourportfolios days today, so send a little prayer her way wouldja?

Lolly remains full of her Lolliness.  Diffusing the tension all around. Love them all.



4 responses to “In a Pickle

  1. I loved watching this. Miss you :)

  2. So, so dear. Where does the time go? So much learned and so much more to learn and discover. Phoebe, “Do your best, just be you!”. Lolli keeps you on an even keel of unexpectedness!

  3. The Dirty Urchins! (song) — will never forget how much fun we had that summer with you and J.

    Been thinking and praying about Phoebz all day!

  4. I just watched the video with my 11 m/o on my lap and he was mesmerized! In the part where she’s in the white sweater and in J’s arms she looks so much like the bigs! Love it! Hope she’s back to her old self soon!

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