A little help from my friends…

Hello Friends out there in Blogland!  One of my bridesmaids from a hundred years ago (actually, just 14) is expecting her first baby!  She wrote me a quick note asking for a special blog post just for her!  She wrote: “I really love your philosophy and approach, so I’d love to see like a new baby round-up (i.e., products, toys, breastfeeding ideas, books — basically the must haves) for first time moms. I cannot be the only newbie out there who reads your blog and would love to read about this.”

Well thank you friend.  Before I compile my post, I leave it open to you commenters.  I know there have been posts before as I was preparing to be a mom to a baby again, in which ya’ll gave great advice.  When I host Tales from the Crib, Mom-to-be nights at my apartment, before we end in the evening, I have everybody share something they didn’t expect and something positive or good advice about becoming a mom before we leave.  Go ahead and do that here.  When you read the first paragraph, whatever came to mind, include in the comments, and then I will respond in kind next week. THANKS for your help!

Also, for many many topics on parenting, hop on over to the blog, Tales from the Crib, for a wide variety of takes on the subject.


7 responses to “A little help from my friends…

  1. Your hormones after giving birth will be crazy for a few days (weeks). Warn your husband accordingly beforehand. :)
    Expect breastfeeding to hurt (maybe a lot). Get lots of lanolin and use cabbage leaves when your milk comes in – it helps a lot!!

    And PLEASE take tons of pictures of your newborn. From their toes to their yawns, believe me, you’ll want to look back on it all!! Being a mom is amazing.

  2. I would like to echo Kristen’s advice to take tons of pictures, but go a bit further by adding, take pictures of you and your husband with your little babe. I only have one picture of me with my daughter in her first days and it is horrible. I didn’t think my husband was including me in the picture so I’m not even smiling. Her entrance into the world was a bit traumatic (she was in the hospital for a week), so I think we were in shock a little bit but still. Our first family photo was taken three weeks later. So sad.

    Products I love:
    Aden + Anais burp cloths (you thought I was going to say swaddling blankets didn’t you?). They are huge, absorbent, and have snaps to convert into a bib. Brilliant! You can often find them on sale at flash sales sites. I got most of mine on babysteals.com

    Kirkland brand wipes. They’re inexpensive, sturdy and smell delightful.

    If you bottle feed, Tommee Tippee bottles are awesome. They sell these little formula containers that fit into their 9oz bottles, making feedings on the go a snap.

    I never quite got the hang of wrapping a good swaddle, so halo sleep sacks were my best friend for a good nights sleep (for both of us).


  3. I second the Aden and Anais burp clothes (they turn into bibs – they’re so awesome). Register for a bunch of them. Perfect gift bc they’re a little $$. And Halo Sleep Sacks, another great thing to register for. Also one of those hooter hider/bebe au lait nursing covers. Lanolin for nursing, and Lansinoh nursing pads. We also use Kirkland wipes from Costco and I love Pampers swaddlers for newborns. I didn’t have a bassinet for my first and wished that I did (got one for my next babies).

    One of the things that pops into my head w/ my first that was a tough adjustment was how LONG it took me to get out of the house. Used to be get myself ready, grab my purse and go. Suddenly it’s try to get yourself ready, and the baby ready, and pack your purse, and pack your diaper bag, baby in car seat, and go, and hope you’re on time. You will adjust and after a while you’ll forget when it was just YOU getting ready solo, you’ll become a pro at all — but in the beginning it was hard for me.

    Trust your mothers instinct. It’s there – even when you’re prego. Motherhood is the best adventure. Enjoy!!

  4. One of my favorite topics! First and foremost, ask ten different moms, get ten different opinions (ie: I hate Kirkland wipes). One of my favorite products are the Medela steamer bags. Great for sterilizing pump/bottle parts and pacifiers. I also liked to keep the Whole Foods nipple cream on hand. Lanolin is great for healing purposes but its also VERY sticky, so it hurts like nobody’s business to apply if you’re already sore. The WF brand is greasier–be sure to use it with bra pads. My must-have splurge with baby #2 was a bottle warmer from Dr. Brown’s. It changed my life after I was forced to wean at 6mos. I could go on and on…

  5. I just bought a product that has changed my life: the NoseFrida Snot Sucker. Gross sounding, I know, but I cannot count how many times my little darlings have been fussing at the breast/bottle/binky because of a stuffy nose. I know it sounds disgusting, but I am telling you, it does the job and you don’t get anything nasty in your mouth, don’t worry! Works way better than those bulb syringes they gave you.

    YES, try swaddling. It doesn’t work for all babies but it sure has for mine. I swear, their in-the-bed sleep doubles when they are swaddled.

    I love the advice to get pictures WITH your babies. I actually had someone come to the birthing center or hospital to take pictures within the first 48 hours and they are one of my most precious things, they stop looking new SO QUICKLY.

    I second the Tommy Tippee recommendation, especially if you are going to try and both breast and bottle feed. I watch my son drink from those bottles and the latch is just like at the breast!

  6. megangreenberg@hotmail.com

    These suggestions are SO AWESOME. Just what I was looking for! Thank you all, and I look forward to reading more!

    ~ The Pregnant Bridesmaid

  7. Something I didn’t expect was (and don’t hate me) that the infant stage, for me, was much easier than I thought. I just kept looking at him sleeping thinking “should I be doing something?”. We had our fair share of difficulty nursing at the beginning but he slept a lot and didn’t cry all that much, which was a surprise to me.

    Something I loved about being a first time mom was the fact that he was all mine. I have always loved babies, even when I was a baby myself, so it was a dream come true for me to have my own baby that I could do whatever I wanted with because I was the mom! And what I wanted to do was kiss his cheeks and lay in bed with him and cuddle him and I loved every second of it.

    Some products I love:
    – Moby Wrap, especially for newborns.
    – Sleepers with zippers – I hate snaps in the middle of the night
    – Aquafor – great for diaper rash and dry skin
    – Exersaucer – it is a life saver for only about 2 months, so it might be worth borrowing or buying used.
    – Bedside cosleeper – also a short lived product but I love it for the first 8 weeks, although they usually end up right next to me in bed verses in the cosleeper.
    – A flash light for night feedings – instead of turning on the lights I always keep it very quite and dim for middle of the night feedings and changes. I think this has gotten all 4 of my kids on a night sleep schedule rather quickly.
    – Kirkland wipes – I also love them and find them far superior to others

    Good luck!

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