7 Months

Holy Mackerel that month went by like lightening.

7 months a

Her sitting improved quite a bit this past month.  That is about it. I feel like she has been a little bit sick and a lot sick and then a little sick again, ever since she got her 6-month vaccinations.

Yesterday she got her flu shot booster and she did not cry or utter a peep. She just had shocked eyes and then I gave her a squeeze and she was fine. We really showed up that baby born two days before her in the waiting room, who crawls, has 6 teeth, and cried for her booster. (!)

There was a lot of cuddling for about a week this past month, when her fever was so high.  Now she has the two little snot rivers coming out of each nostril and she arches her back whenever I go to wipe it.


Her hair has a perpetual dreadlock situation in the back from rolling around a lot when I put her down for bed.  I am still so thrown off by this head full of dark brown hair. As you can see, The Bigs were just fuzzy bald blondies:

the bigs

We have tried sleeping with and without the sleepsuit…either way she does acrobatics while she cries to sleep for about an hour each night.  Nothing makes it improve.

She finally got really good at eating her solid foods while we were at my Mom’s house, but since she has gotten sick and we have been home, she is so anti-food.  I try everything to get her to eat, but it is one of the activities that really makes her cry and also bend her body in half so that she can get to the milk instead.  Her high chair arrived yesterday and we put her in it to enjoy dinner with us.  She played with her bowl and emptied her food onto the floor. Baby steps.

By 7 months I had weaned The Bigs.  I haven’t even begun weaning yet.  Clearly we are enabling each other.  Phoebz gave me a lecture today on how she is TOO ATTACHED to me and I need to give her some independence. Neither of us are ready for that.  As Lolly put it to the sitter this past week: “Pickle and My Mom have a great connection.”  It’s true…we’re besties.

7 months b


5 responses to “7 Months

  1. Helen Knowles

    Kim is the only one I nursed and I did that until she was 1 when she seemed disinterested. I think your connection is wonderful – you waited a long time for that sweet spirit so enjoy her babbiness as long as you can. They grow up so fast. I can’t believe the twins are 9 months old already. Pickle is a real blessing to your family. Hope to see her in person one day before she gets too big.

  2. Ditto what Helen said.

  3. I love her little orange playsuit. The style of it is so cute!

  4. Two things:

    1. Her hair is unbelievably fabulous
    2. This time is so magic, how it goes by so fast, right? Enable away, my friend, you will look back on it years from now (as you know :) and treasure those moments (except the snot wiping and the high chair drama, I would guess). I am so happy you are getting all those delicious moments :)

  5. Enable all you want. she’s only 7 months. And SO precious.

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