Yarn Sale: Wool & Co

We were riding the Metra home from Chicago and spotted a woman sitting behind us knitting a hat.  I just cannot help but talk to a fellow fiber artist, and I am so glad I did this time.

I asked her which yarn store is her favorite and she told me Wool & Company and then asked if I knew about their year-end sale coming up in a few days. No, I did not.

The day before the sale I looked it up and learned that if I arrived at 7 AM, I could get 40% off the majority of their stock.  I hemmed and hawed and talked about it all afternoon into the evening and decided it was too logistically difficult with the early hour and the baby and the cold and the standing in line.

Just before bed Coco and Jenn got a twinkle in their eye and we decided we should just GO FOR IT.  We set our alarms for 6:15 and committed to walking out the door at around 6:20.  I got everything ready for the baby the night before and placed all my clothes in one spot.  My alarm went off and I highly doubted Coco and Jenn would stick to our plan as they had been staying up VERY VERY LATE.

Before I woke up Pickle I went down the hall and I flashed my phone at the girls and asked: Are we doing this?  They flashed theirs back and I responded: We’re doing this.

So, we did it.


It was so fun to drive in the dark 40 minutes to Wool & Company.  We saw the mini-line outside and the shoppers inside the warm store (We got there at 7:10).  The line did not take long at all, and we were so excited to be admitted into Yarn Heaven.  After an hour (I don’t know why we were surprised it took that long), we had gathered lots of fun finds, and paid only 60% of the price! Holla!

It was a fun adventure with my sisters that I will never forget. And Pickle most likely will forget because she slept through most of it.  I am most excited about the Christmas afghan I am fixing to make with these skeins:

christmas yarn


2 responses to “Yarn Sale: Wool & Co

  1. How fun to share with sisters. Are you teaching them yet? Think how great that would be. Get them “hooked” and your fun will be out of this world. You and I are making the world warmer and more beautiful one knitter at a time as we share. I have 3 new knitters I am teaching for the next 4 weeks.

  2. Elliott: “Hey that’s Kristy! She’s nice. She sang a really pretty song at Grandma Maxine’s funeral. You know, in Colorado. Kriiiiiiiiisty. It does have a ‘E’, because I hear a ‘E’ in her name. Love, Elliott. Make sure and spell it L, O, V, E,… “

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