Chicago: Brimfield

I discovered Brimfield when I parked in front of it last summer with the Pickle.  It shares the block with Ann Sather–which makes the best cinnamon rolls in America.

When I went last summer they were moving everything around and the shop seemed a bit stuffy, hard to navigate. I still knew it was magical.  At Christmas though—it was stupendous. As soon as you walk in, it smelled of pine and then the senses of the eyes took over.  Everywhere you turned another picture: look at this one of AK & coco.  The presentation of the vintage goods was like breath taking…truly.

My favorite aspects of their Christmas displays: Punch bowl cup lighting fixture, Giant Airstream in the back with the collection of ugly Christmas Sweaters, the decorated elevator and elevator shaft, the dozens of Elves on a Shelf (we got one, we are first timers), the needle-pointed tennis racket!


I also loved the collection of clutches made from re-purposed ties, apparently made by an 80-year-old woman who lives in the neighborhood.  Once I knew that, my sale was complete!


Visiting Andersonville is a MUST for so many reasons…next time you’re in Chicago…please please please go!




One response to “Chicago: Brimfield

  1. Next year, let’s see if we can rent the store for our celebration.

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