Chicago: Lincoln

Have you seen the film Lincoln? Seriously, Daniel D-L…..pretty…. there-are -no-words.  Jason and I don’t go on many dates, but we ended up going to see that with some friends.  Funny Story actually.  [Jason was feeling pretty tight on the budget given the holiday season and all, so he was reluctant to go the movies (so expensive).  He went to Costco to get the 2 dollar discount on tickets.  He bought them for the wrong theatre chain, so we had that set of tickets and then paid full price for the ACTUAL tickets.  Tickets, snacks and babysitter later, it was a little chunk of change to see a movie.  We got back so late I suggested he take the sitter home in the car.  And that’s when he hit a livery cab and busted the door to the point it would not open (no damage to his car).  To make it go away as fast as possible, the next morning he delivered a check for the repairs…$450-.  So, $500- later we went on our date to Lincoln].

It was pretty fun then for us to go see a statue of the man, carved by my Dad’s first cousin thrice removed (right Dad? or twice?).  His name is Avard Fairbanks and he is a pretty famous sculptor. It was cool to go visit it as a family.

lincoln statue

He did a good job huh?


5 responses to “Chicago: Lincoln

  1. I’m so glad we made the effort to do this!

  2. How is the former branch president who was hit by a car? She’s been in my prayers.

    • Pam! Thank you for your prayers. So many of my friends who do not know her have been offering prayers, which is so generous and wonderful. The update is that she is still hospitalized and sleeping a lot. her husband mentioned that it was one of their daughter’s birthday last week, and she opened her eyes for small parts of their hospital room celebration. He writes progress on the facebook page: Keeping Up with our Redhead. If you like it, you will get updates too. The family has seen tender mercies and small miracles, so keep praying!


    Have you ever thought about doing this?

    • Kristy Glass

      Looks fun. Never heard of it before. I have left books for the book crossing website but that’s it. Thanks for sharing.

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

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