Chicago: Wicker Park

On New Year’s Eve we went on a little field trip to Chicago.  After hitting The Boring Store, we headed up Milwaukee Ave. to explore all the cool stores we saw as we were driving in.  It was a frigid day, so we only managed to visit a few.

rudy roundup

Rudy’s Roundup was so inviting with it’s baby blue lettering.  Inside was a collection of treasures.  All the vintage clothing was 50% off.  I wanted to buy so many pieces, but I ended up sticking to the hats!  This year our church services are in the afternoon, which means I have a few hours in the morning to take the kids to the Easter Parade.  I am pretty excited.


These hats have so much potential for fun pieces, I am really excited that I scored them at such a low price. I also love getting something like this as a souvenir, because I will always remember that frigid day in Chicago when I found those hats at Rudy’s Roundup.

Transit Tees was cool. I wish I had bought this shirt with the embroidered train on it.  We also visited Lomography.  I heard the gal that worked there talking to someone about shooting with film and how it makes her more thoughtful about what she is going to snap a photo of . I REALLY need a dose of that. I take TOO MANY photos.

I WANTED to visit Fluevog and Free People and all the vintage resale shops on Milwaukee, but it was too bitter out and we had to head home.  Next time.



One response to “Chicago: Wicker Park

  1. I loved how the lady at Lomography was explaining to us the unusual phenomenon of using FILM in a camera as if we had never heard of that before! I picked up 2 fab journals at Rudy’s Roundup that will always remind me of that frigid day in Chicago. Fun day!

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