Chicago: The Boring Store

Lolly’s primary teacher told her about a super hero store in Brooklyn that has hero costumes and grappling hooks.  I had to look up what exactly that is.  For some reason the idea of a grappling hook really sold her on wanting to visit.

I did a little research and found out the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Company is a front for a 826 National, a nonprofit writing center for kids age 6-18.  AND, there are other locations besides Brooklyn.

Chicago’s is hiding out and in disguise as The Boring Store.  Since my Lolly is otherwise known as the spy Evil O, it was quite necessary that she visit The Boring Store, as it is actually a rendezvous point for all Secret Agents.


Having recently acquired a spy kit from Agent Claus, Agent Evil O wanted to make sure she had just everything she needed to flesh out her kit.  She was on the hunt for a grappling hook, but thankfully they were well concealed in an unmarked cardboard box. Dodged that bullet.

Instead she found some glasses that allow you to see behind you and a flashy camera that Isn’t really a camera….but whatever a spy might need it to be.

I think our entire party actually really enjoyed checking out the Boring Store. If you are headed to Chicago, put it on your list!




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