Chicago: American Girl Place

The Cousins got their first (let’s pray it’s their only…we have 4 too many!) American Girl Dolls from Santa, so Grammy treated all the girls to lunch downtown at American Girl Place. I was one of the first employees at the store, when it was located across the street, back in the late 90’s! Can you believe I saw 2 women there that I used to WORK with?

I used to wish to know if I would have a daughter someday so that I could take advantage of my discount and buy a few dolls before I left that job.  I seriously think I should be allowed the discount again.

I worked as a cashier and that job can be INSANE.  The cafe is such a nice respite from the rest of the store.  It feels safe and calm and I get it.  The food could be a lot better, but I enjoyed my lunch and of course the company.

Doesn’t Pickle look like a real doll? Even her fingers look fused together in this picture.


We took the metra train their and back and cabs once we were in the city.  I had an awesome NYC moment.  I observed the cab queue was veering in the wrong spot, and once I saw the cab queue guy starting to redirect the peops, I jumped the line about 12 people.  Then I spotted a van and just instructed everybody to pile in.  There were 10 of us in an 8 person van. It was epic.

Our second cab driver would most likely never have allowed us in without a belt per person.  Luckily we were 3 short because we parted ways with a few of our party, so it worked out.  She was awesome-Nigerian woman listening to her televangelists on the radio and driving slow because of the baby.  She even held our heads as we exited her cab.transportation

Loved seeing the tree at Union Station.  Chicago, my kind of town.


3 responses to “Chicago: American Girl Place

  1. Oh my gosh. She DOES look like a baby doll!

  2. Amazing that 2 women still work there! I think it looks like a blast! Your girls can’t ditch Mom with their ginormous ear muffs.

  3. that place is so fun! pickle looks like one of the little dolls!

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