Happy New Year

Program Notes:

Wardrobe on me thanks to my Grandma’s dress she wore at HER sister’s wedding in the 1950’s .

Wardrobe on Coco and Jenny from a Homecoming Dance and Prom I attended and what my Mom wore to MY wedding-we combined all sorts of treasures we found in the house.

Wardrobe on Lolly was the dress I wore around her age in a wedding in 1986

Wardrobe on Sam courtesy of a dance recital Coco had years ago.

I was in charge of hair and makeup.

Photobooth was my idea-love how it turned out.

Go to :49 and :51 and make sure you take notice of what I added to the scene.


4 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. You have such a crazy fun family. Those pants made me smile!

  2. Loved it…way more professional than any of my families dance videos.

  3. So cute! Loving your look.

  4. Vampire Weekend makes everything better! Very fun

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