My Loves


Asking to watch JUST ONE MORE “Call Me Maybe” youtube before getting dressed in the morning.

IMG_6707 IMG_6701

Since Jesus is perfect- do you think he has perfect toenails?

If you die, will dad just make us Mac n cheese for dinner every night? Or nice dinners like you make? (as if you EAT what I make–I assured her Daddy would hire an awesome nanny who would make great dinners)

Talking about Christmases past: I haven’t always had the best Christmas, because one year I PACIFICALLY said I want a REAL Snow Dog, and I got a fake one.

Reading Frosty the Snowman–very expressive.

I love when you re-read something to add emphasis or read it in a dramatic way.

Playing games with you at Grammy’s house. Watching you partnered with Sam in password and failing miserably, but winning when WE were partnered–because I know you.


Bending your body in half when hungry or sleepy

Fighting sleep!

Turning over in the tub! In the sleep suit!

Gagging at peas.

Now you Shake your head back and forth!!!

You are getting knots in your hair from shaking your head so much

You were wearing red socks one day, and I was holding you (facing out, your favorite), and you started kicking your legs and you spotted your red socks and bent your body over trying to reach them.

Suddenly understanding eating, when we got to Grammy’s house. Now you put everything in your mouth like it is food. Your little hands are like magnets. You love sweet potatoes, bananas, applesauce, avocados, bread, beef tenderloin, cheese, mashed potatoes, bagels–you get it in now! And you have gotten a little chubby too!


You composed an X Factor (a show you have never seen—me either) commercial complete with choreography–THAT pose at the end!

You dance around the house and use the photos on the wall and the windows as your mirrors.

When will we go a day without tears my love?

This one teary afternoon I made you sit right next to me and follow me around the house while you read so that you wouldn’t cry.

You had the “most boring” reading to do, so I made you read it out loud to me with an English accent while I made dinner and held the baby.  AFter a while Pickle started cracking up at you, so then it became English AND crazy.

Can I please walk home by myself? If you would let me walk home by myself, you could be there waiting for me in an apron and offer me a freshly baked snickerdoodle? (Darling, extra time on my hands is not going to change me completely! Apron!  Snickerdoodles?)

Your face when you saw that computer on Christmas morning.


Letting Lolly watch one more CALL ME MAYBE video and then watching another one all by yourself after that.

Coming home and comforting me through the MOTHS! discovery and extermination I had to do ALL BY MYSELF (ok, it was only like 5 moths, but it was still disgusting.  And I was cranky and you stuck with me.  I was more mad about dropping a stitch.

I keep forgetting about ALL your parties and dinners and you look at me like I am crazy because you tell me over and over again. At the end of the season I called you at work and asked what time you would be home for dinner and you BURST OUT LAUGHING! You got my joke! (because you had a game that night and you reminded me a few hours earlier)

I found a mistake in the checkbook! I think you were secretly proud of me!


One response to “My Loves

  1. How darling Pickles red socks story was & the expression “hand magnets” says it all. “In and apron offering snickerdoodles” she’s not asking much but you hear what she likes! Moths? Those 1/4″ little obnoxious little fluttering insects? I have fought those for over 2 years and am hoping that not seeing live ones for 2 months means I have killed every one. In March this year I tallied my catch of the day (averaging 10 per day the enitre month). When they land I attack out of nowhere with a wet piece of tissue. Another one down. I bought some killer bombs but the amount of clean up from the bomb sounded more toxic and work than killing them off. I think they came in from out of the country in something wool. Oh and talk about moth damage in Scott’s closet. Every suit and sport coat is ruined. I’m glad he only has a few (not work dress for him). on my soapbox eh?

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