Handmade Christmas: Pillow

This year my whole family was together, so we decided to do a gift exchange by pulling names out of a hat. This pretty much means that my family gets my sisters family with a few variations because of Sam, Jennika and CoCo.  Pickle got Uncle Nate, so she needed some help.

I often turn to Etsy for inspiration, searching things I know about the recipient.  In this instance, I searched his company name: General Mills and when I saw this vintage flour sac for sale, I knew I had to make a pillow.  When it arrived I suddenly became inspired to embroider the doughboy himself onto the sack and then I saw I had some extra neon jewels in the bag with the neon floss and the finishing details were born!

pillow 1

I found clip art of the doughboy and just hand-drew him onto the sac based on what I saw on the screen. After I embroidered over it, I washed it so that the ink would disappear, then I sewed it together, adding a top stitch to sew that hole closed!

Voila!pillows 2

Isn’t it so good?  I feel like it is very professional looking and I sort of want to keep it.  Oops, Pickle already gave it to him for Christmas.


3 responses to “Handmade Christmas: Pillow

  1. It turned out so great! I love it!

  2. This turned out awesome!

  3. You turned the sack into a one of a kind gift……That’s what I call great!

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