12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Card




I can’t remember when I came up with it, but I think it was this summer because Carrie was around, and when I said: I’m GOING to YARNBOMB my FAMILY…she insisted I ONLY Yarnbomb them from the shoulders up.

She was right and I bombed them.  It was so fun to pick out a few new yarns and to work on each mask for each person.  I didn’t really have a plan, I just created as I went, and I think they turned out so terrific!

I knew I wanted a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the Christmas card, but it then morphed into a “music video” after one Sunday afternoon while the Pickle was sleeping I said to the girls: Let’s WRITE a SONG!  I stole the QR code idea from Carrie’s business cards to share the video link– and my multi-media Christmas card was born!

I wanted to take it ONE step further and add a perforation so that the recipients could tear it in half to have 2 bookmarks, but my printer’s strongly advised me against it.

When Jason saw the card he thought we looked like terrorists, and the use of the word BOMB would send the wrong message, so I ran it by a few strangers and after some discussion added “Confused? http://www.yarnbombing.com” to the back. I think that will help.

In case you are confused, I got this from Yarn Bombing Los Angeles:

“What is yarn bombing?

“Yarn bombing is a relatively recent form of street art that employs colorful displays of knits or crochet and other fiber material instead of paint in public space.

“Some engage in yarn bombing as a fun and creative way to use up left over yarn, others consider it an urban intervention to personalize otherwise cold and impersonal spaces or to make socio- political statements. Humor is often a major component of yarn bombing, which by its nature embodies contradictory idiosyncrasies within itself.

“In its seemingly odd juxtaposition of knitting and graffiti, often associated with opposing concepts such as female, granny, indoors, domestic, wholesome and soft vs. male, enfant terrible, outdoors, public, underground and edgy, the practice of yarn bombing  redefines both genres. Yarn bombing transforms knitting from a domestic endeavor to public art, recontextualizing both knitting and graffiti, both of which are marginalized creative endeavors that fall outside ‘high art.’

“Like all public art, be it  sanctioned commissions or self-initiated, unauthorized formats, yarn bombing imposes a particular aesthetic onto an environment that may be appreciated by some, but may not appeal to everyone. Yet, yarn bombing is necessarily ephemeral due to its use of materials and perhaps the most environmentally friendly graffiti because it can easily be removed with a pair of scissors and no damage left behind.”

As always, many thanks to my shopper extraordinaire Ms. Lynch.

And if you don’t have a barcode reader and want to see our music video, click here.



10 responses to “12 Days of Christmas: Christmas Card

  1. Adorable!

  2. Okay I am dying!!!! YOU are the BOMB! I still don’t have your card. I don’t care if the world ends tomorrow, I hope some how I get one even in January. Bah Humbug to the PO Grinch that ate so many of your cards this year!!!! I’ll settle even for a digital copy that I can color copy and print at my local copy shop. Video+yarn+song=Beyond Priceless

  3. Terrorists?! “Bomb”?! Lol I never even thought of that. I’m not giving up hope, my card will come for our Christmas enjoyment, I just know it

  4. That was great!

  5. I loved it! Hilarious and Creative!

  6. Jason and Phoebe crack me up completely. Can she see anything?

  7. I am mesmerized by your creativity and determination to pursue an idea and make it happen from beginning to end!!! THIS IS GREAT!!!!
    Love the card, the video and oh my how cool to have a bar code! Super high tech! Any time I stop by your blog it is really fun!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful 2013
    Patricia, Paloma and Lucca

  8. Super creative card! Merry Christmas!

  9. love it!

  10. Uh-mayzing!

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