12 Days of Christmas: Snowy Baby Hat

I bought some yarn this past summer in a Chicago Yarn store. One of my favorite new souvenirs from travel is a skein of yarn.  I have a great time visiting the yarn shop, finding something new and unique, and then revisiting it later when I finally make something out of it.

It’s a red thread with white fuzzy thin yarn from Pingouin. It’s so unique, I can’t even find the skein to link to it.  I originally envisioned knitting a baby hat with just the yarn alone, but it was hard to work with, so I decided to mix it.  I used a variety of sparkly Lion Brand Bon-bon’s and the occasional strand of worsted weight white with this pattern (I added purl rows for the chunky white stripes).  I considered adding ears and antlers, but for now, it will stay like this.

snowy hat


One response to “12 Days of Christmas: Snowy Baby Hat

  1. Helen Knowles

    Adorable – nice selection of yarns and it looks great on Pickle, of course.

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