6 Months

We interrupt this 12 Days of Christmas for a very important Pickle Update.pickle 6 months
15 Pounds, 2 Ounces ~ 27 Inches! Tall and Skinny! Her sisters were 17 and 18 pounds! Lolly is still the tallest.

Half a year has passed since THAT DAY when I gave birth to my third born.  My third girl.  I still remember those last few harrowing contractions when I didn’t push so that my cervix could open up that last little bit.  I remember the feeling of her descending swiftly after that, in the next few contractions, and then suddenly she was mine.

6 Months colage

The sisters at 6 Months. Baldies:

sisters 6 months

Her hair! The midwife’s face when she examined my placenta. Tweeting:  8 CM and then everything getting very serious after that.  Jason was such a help. Blood on my toe.  That baby not bedding down without being right on top of me. The nurses: I think she’s hungry. Me: DUH!  Asking everyone I saw if she was tongue-tied…..

The look on the sister’s faces when they met her.  It is an emotion that is so unique and special and I still tear up when I see the joy on their faces.  Those weeks after with my new family and my Mom and Dad.

I remain awed by the swiftness of time passing.  I just cannot believe that we are here already.  6 Months old. Last Christmas I remember thinking: I’ll have a little sitter next Christmas.

pickle 3

Pickle is quite something.  I am not just saying that because I am her mother. In fact, often I feel like I am just her little transporter–taking her here and there on her little journey.  Since we live in the public eye so to speak, I have this interaction with strangers between 1-5ish times a day:

Stranger (S): That baby!

Kage (K): It’s hard not to stare at her huh?

S: She’s such a doll

K: Yeah, people say that a lot.

S: That hair!

K: I know, right? If  I didn’t know myself better, I would question her parentage

S: Your first?

K: No, my third, three girls.

S: Three girls! You look so young!

K: Well, I’m 33, my parts were working 10 years ago too.

S: She’s just so beautiful, she looks just like you

K: Thank you. I don’t see it because I was bald and then blonde, but maybe she looks like the adult me.

S: God Bless Her.

Seriously, it is the SAME conversation over and over and over again. The other phrase I keep hearing is: There is just SOMETHING about Pickle.

She is quite something. Phoebe was my talker and Lolly was a little bit more of a mover than Phoebz, but Pickle is all of it. She squawks, she moves, she will not under any circumstances cuddle (That’s a Lolly trait), she’s tiny and funny and just a lot of everything. Which of course, makes me fear the future!

She could not be more offended by food. I have tried to introduce her to solids and she scowls and then shudder-swallows it down with a grimace.  It is to the point now where I just show her the spoon and she shudder-gags. Uh-oh.

She is still nursing around 4 in the morning.  Sleep training her for that last leg has been so hard because we are all so tired and she is a relentless screamer…and now she can roll over IN the Magic Sleep Suit, so we are in a bit of a place.

She has magnet fingers—she can just grab ANYTHING and we have had several close calls when I am trying to eat a meal.  She loves her sisters, especially #1 (don’t tell #2).  She is all of our pride and joy. Like for realz.

As a reward for reading to the bottom, I share with you this very special video, that I have held dear for many months. I am finally willing to share.  Grab a tissue…seriously grab a tissue.


8 responses to “6 Months

  1. Helen Knowles

    “We get to keep her.” Yeah, we do.” – Bring on the tissues – that is so dear. Thanks for sharing such a sacred moment.

  2. I cried. I have a 4 month old and it makes me want another. Oh wait, the music ended, the emotional video is over and I have come to my senses and don’t want another one. I’ll just enjoy the memories.

  3. That video! The girls smiles couldn’t be more genuine. What a miracle little P is. She has such a sweet little spirit. You are so blessed. Love her

  4. I cried. Those girls of yours, all three of them are remarkable. Beautiful video.

  5. You got me, I cried. Good job – on the creating wonderful people, but also on the video. ;)

  6. ohhhh….that was just beautiful. i think i may need to make a little sibling! your family is so special. what amazing girls.

  7. Dummy me! I clicked first on the Devry ad not understanding why I was suppose to click on it then realized the link was what I was suppose to click on! The girls faces when they see pickle is the best!

  8. i feel the same way about my #3… being his transporter in some ways… such a special person. there is just SOMETHING about him, and people have also told me so since his birthday. lucky me to be his mama. lucky you, too. she is so cute.

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