12 Days of Christmas: Dresses

christmas pic

I love shopstyle.com  You can search for that thing you are looking for that only lies in your imagination.  I had Lolly and Pickle’s dresses and needed one for Phoebz.  I found the one on the right! It was age appropriate, tied the looks together and was CHEAP!

I thought gold accents would be fun this year, so I found some.  The other day we were at the Gap and Phoebe spied a giant bow headband for Pickle.  I don’t usually do bows or headbands, but we both thought this was a must.  After all, she is my present this year.dressesPickle’s tights have little tiny gold bows on them. I die.



2 responses to “12 Days of Christmas: Dresses

  1. all three outfits are perfection – especially the bow. and what a perfect christmas gift this year.

  2. And I think you got that last pair of tights on the planet cuz I wanted them, too! Settled for cream tights w red/green flower pattern from Janie and Jack. And I think we remortgaged our house the day after.

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