The Mail!

I could NOT be more frustrated with the US Postal Service right now. Monday, December 3rd, I dropped 200 postcards into a blue box RIGHT OUTSIDE my neighborhood post office.

The next DAY a friend texted me her pleasure at receiving my card….and then hardly a word.

I worked SO HARD on my card and to get it out early this season despite some setbacks (sandy)….and as of today, 11 days later, most of my nearest and dearest have not received it!

I was so excited for people to get it and send me a quick acknowledgement, and the reason I haven’t gotten those texts/emails/whatevers is because they haven’t arrived.

Friends on the Upper West Side have not gotten my card? What is UP with that?  Kentucky? California?  I’m guessing the card I sent to Singapore won’t get there until August!  Family in Logan UT have received it, but not in South Jordan?

And now I am about to head over to the post office and send my Christmas gifts! I am so nervous they will never arrive!

FRUSTRATING! And I have no control over it!

Venting Over. Back to being festive.

P.S. A little ray of morning sunshine for you.


7 responses to “The Mail!

  1. I got mine so fast, I thought for sure everyone would have received theirs by now. Next year you’ll have to have an individual tracking number on each card. ;)

  2. I got mine! So cute!!

  3. I got mine and I love it! It’s on the wall with my other cards but I will admit I have not received very many yet this year so maybe it’s a problem everywhere :(

  4. Nor Salt Lake City, Utah! This is just not right! Has the Grinch been seen in your hood?

  5. I love it too. I got mine, hmmm.. maybe five days ago??? Adorable and clever as always. :)

  6. Yours was the first card to arrive at our house!! (Spokane, WA) Izzie says it’s the best card we have received… brilliant!! :)

  7. Kristie larsen

    Ha! I was checking in with you to make sure you were all ok because I realized the other day that i had still not your Christmas card! Yours is always the first one I get so call me puzzled when I realized it still had not come !

    Well, glad your family is still well (and so cute too! Seriously there is something about that pickle!)
    And the Christmas card is (as always) brilliant! Love it so much. Glad I at least got to see it. I look forward to its arrival next August ;)
    Love you guys so much! Merry Christmas!

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