12 Days of Christmas: Macy’s Santaland

I wasn’t sure if I would be as excited about the baby NYC stuff this time around, as I was with the Bigs…but turns out I totally am.  Pickle and I dragged our friends with us to Macy’s Santaland to meet the man himself.  She had a similar reaction to him as her sisters in years past.  She went to grab her hair (which she rarely does anymore), and I took that as an indicator that this man was NOT safe. babies

See that darling little felt bow on The Bee’s head? Well, Pickle grabbed it, and when she let go, it slingshot her eye closed.  Thankfully, there were no tears, in fact I am pretty sure her Mom and I laughed.santaI don’t know what was up with the lighting on Santa’s face, but maybe it’s better that he remains in the shadows.

Here’s Phoebz, Lolly and Pickle all during their first time.  I am pretty sure Lolly had pink eye. (whoops).  Phoebe was my oldest baby to visit Santa and she cried.  She was a little more developed in the separation department.

sisters santas

A story about this year’s visit: A friend of mine was running late and was in line behind us. She texted me that her camera battery had died.  I was determined that she get a photo with Santa so I talked my way back into Santaland to find her and take a pic, via a very stern, very grumpy manager man.  He never once smiled, acted kind or accommodating, just put-out and grumpy.  I stayed sugary sweet and of course got my way, but I was absolutely 100 % NOT IMPRESSED by that.

But after that we decided to take a group photo of everyone in front of this ugly warehouse-looking door, and the minute we were taking it, Mrs. Claus walked out! It was a Macy’s Santaland miracle! (I blurred everyone out because I don’t have time to get permission to post their FACES!)



One response to “12 Days of Christmas: Macy’s Santaland

  1. So Sweet!!!! I love the fun you and Pickle have together. Pickle got the best Santa even though the lighting guy didn’t do his job.

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