sisters lately

There is a whole lot of girl going on in our house ALL THE TIME.  Lately I have loved the outfits the Bigs are coming up with, and the hairdo’s too. We have a lot of hair going on. Pickle now shakes her head back and forth when you lay her down, so she has all sorts of knots up in there.  Lolly wanted some special hair for her recent concert so we did some pintubing (that’s pinterest AND youtube) to find the perfect ‘do.


They are starting to incorporate Pickle into their lives and Pickle seems to love it.  If someone tries to sneak in the bedroom when she is in her crib and if she is awake and is not acknowledged, she gets MAD.  Whenever she pulls someone’s hair, whomever helps release the grip usually whispers “thank you for sticking to the plan” to indicate a plan to purposely hurt whoever the victim was…it’s funny.

The other night Lolly called a Glass Family meeting to order, when we all happened to be in Jason’s church office.  As she began to discuss the topic at large (Murphy Beds, the acquiring of), Pickle started babbling with purpose, and it was so funny because she had been silent the past hour, and it was like she knew it was a meeting, and she was going to run it.

And the other half of the time they all drive me crazy.


3 responses to “sisters lately

  1. Wow! THREE girls? That is crazy! Oh wait. I have three girls! (I’m not even kidding. Dad just said that!)

  2. pickle really does have the perfect ‘do! the braids are impressive, too! ;)

  3. All these cute pics are not helping the battle against babies with the Mrs. in our household…… ;)

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