Renegade, Etsy & Twilight Oh My!

This year was the first in which Renegade had a Holiday Fair! I blocked off my calendar for November 17th, weeks in advance.  The day started with the last Twilight–I liked it…and then we went straight to Renegade.  Phoebz really wanted to come, but I told her if she could convince Dad to take her, if we ran into each other, she had to pretend she didn’t know me.

Turns out I needed to nurse Pickle right when they arrived, so we acted like we sort of knew each other.  Look at that Posse coming down the road and that Dad proudly wearing my vera bradley. I’m the luckiest.

The girls I was with were the perfect bunch because we were ALL into the Smorgasborg next to Renegade. I had a quinoa felafel sandwich and a vegan Speculoos Bomb.  Soooooo delicious.  I did end up buying some goodies for my Besties Around the world (okay, CA and VT), and got inspired to make make make!

As if that weren’t enough, a few weekends later, Etsy NYC hosted a Cavalcade of Crafts ALSO in Brooklyn, in which I got the most perfect stocking stuffer for the pickle.

etsy nyc

Brooklyn Charm was there giving away free charm necklaces, of course I took part in that, and Sigmund’s there with my FAVORITE pretzels.  We parked on N. 3rd St.  My friend hit the car behind while we were parallel parking and left about a 5 inch scratch, but she picked the PERFECT car to hit because it was covered with similar boo-boos. The funniest part is as we were debating whether or not to leave a note, the owner walked out with her friend, got in her car and drove away. The car driver’s friend commented as they got in: “I love your car!”  It was hysterical.

brooklyn charm

N. 3rd in Williamsburg is so magical.  I discovered the Brooklyn Art Library. It is SO AMAZING. I want to make one to add to the collection SOOOOO BAD!

sketchbook library

Next door is the cutest boutique, allegria, I want this wall in my future house!


And the last and most amazing thing! MAST BROTHERS Chocolate. OH MY WORD. You walk into this establishment and you forget all sounds, pain, sights, feelings of any kind, and all you are is a NOSE. The scent is so satisfying and overpowering that you don’t even need to purchase anything. But I did have a cookie.

mast brothers

Brooklyn is a miracle.



One response to “Renegade, Etsy & Twilight Oh My!

  1. Talk about a great day of shopping, eating and inspiration!!!

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