Sandy Continued

This is something cool.  The night of Thanksgiving, hundreds of volunteers from Virginia drove up to our neck of the woods so that they could spend the weekend volunteering in the Rockaways for Sandy Relief.  We were so exhausted by that night, so it was hard to stay up to let them in our church building, but we knew it was the right thing to do. We don’t grumble very much, but every once in a while this Bishop thing gets us!

On Saturday we went over with Jason to see how the building was faring.  That second picture from the top left is my primary classroom!  One of my sunbeams found a maggot worm in there once…don’t tell the girls sleeping on the floor!  Our building is identified as an emergency center in the event of a more epic emergency than Sandy, so it was good to see it in a new light–bedrooms for all!

sandy updatesI have to say, there was quite a smell in that building the day we toured around–a sign of good hard work!  I know that the victims in the Rockaways appreciated these people dedicating their entire Thanksgiving weekend to helping.  Glad Jason could do his part-letting people in and out and coordinating their stay–really so very little in the grand scheme of things.


One response to “Sandy Continued

  1. such a good memory to be apart of…

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