Winter’s Eve

Winters Eve

Winter’s Eve happens the weekend after Thanksgiving. It is several blocks of music on the upper west side.  You can research ahead of  time and find out who and what time and where, but I find it more fun to just happen upon the madness.

I love seeing the ice sculptures each year and the Hungry March Band just doing their thing as they walk the streets. This year we found some clowns, and Lolly was chosen to hold a spinning plate on a dowel rod…that was pretty fun.  She kept trying to bring the plate down as close to her head as possible without touching it.

There was a photobooth, remember our family rule?–must do the photobooth if we happen upon it!  The other night Jason took me on a date to see Lincoln.  I saw a photobooth but I didn’t point it out because I wanted to see if he would spot it and remember the family rule.  How do you think that turned out?

tony kids photobooth

We did not wear the provided props, because I know about lice, and I am never going back (if I can help it that is).  Speaking of photobooths-there is a fun new app I found called Pop Booth:


Good times when you are bored.

Well, Winter’s Eve is something I really look forward to every year, and this year did not disappoint! The weather! The company! The adventure of it all! It was tops.



One response to “Winter’s Eve

  1. I think the celebrations you find in your city are just wonderful. The best part is that you get involved and support the craziness.

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