Handmade Christmas: Garland

garland 1Anthropologie always sells felted garland for a bananas amount of money.  I scored some on deep discount at West Elm a few years ago, but I still wanted to make my own.

We started this project in August of 2011 when we quarentined ourselves for a lice-killing afternoon.  It was a great project to pass the time.  I followed advice from 3 different tutorials:




The actual making of the balls part is a little labor-intensive. As I was stringing, I’d say only about 5 seemed truly, awesomely felted.  But, the look still works!  This year we decorated a tiny 4-footer with craftyish ornaments….it was fun and it looks cute.

garland 2


One response to “Handmade Christmas: Garland

  1. I love how your tree turned out. I’ve always loved the cheerful, whimsy that multi colored lights radiate. Good work on the felted garland! You’re teaching skills to your daughters they’ll remember.

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