BYU Basketball

I am a Cougar by marriage.  My husband is really into BYU sports, and if BYU is going to play at Barclay’s, of course I am all in! The game was not super well attended, but it was made hilarious when an ultra-feminine angry man was seated right next to us and yelled out the most random quips. I REALLY should have written them down, but I was too busy trying to get on the jumbo tron (I did, twice…because of my awesome MOVES.)

BYU basketball

Later on, it turns out he was in the wrong seat, because a woman, who had to have weighed no less than 400 pounds, came and claimed his seat.  It was the oddest thing.

I was pretty pleased with the food. There was a quesadilla that was ridiculous–it was more like a cheese burrito, and it was pretty yummy. I think my friend Kelly would have approved.

brooklyn photoboothWhile Lolly and I were trying to find just the right snack, we found a photobooth. You know what that means.

Barclays is so nice and so close. I have been there twice already!


Memories….light the corners of my mind…misty, water-colored memories….of the way we were….

I digress.

I know some Brooklynites are upset about Jay-Z invading, but I am pretty psyched that we have an arena accessible by the MTA, so that our family can have some good times.

<– I always wear blue eye shadow at a BYU game.  Unfortunately this time it did not secure the win.


One response to “BYU Basketball

  1. I gotta hit up Barclays some time!!

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