My Loves


A guy at the basketball game was yelling a lot and making a scene and was also very feminine–it was a strange combination. I did not point it out, and suddenly Lolly leans over and says: “That guy is very FemiNIM!”

On the way to the game we saw a guy with tight Short jeans on and she pointed them out as NOT a good look.

Going through your candy and pronouncing tootsie: TWO-tsee

“I wish Cinnamon bread was the sacrament bread”

When pumpernickel bread was used for the Sacrament you smiled: CHOCOLATE BREAd…nope

I was struggling to get my food from the bowl to my mouth b/c I was standing up while eating….the food fell off my fork and you said: That’s why it’s better to eat with your hands!

Heaven is: Grammys house & disneyworld spaghetti & pizza

When I imitate Pickle’s voice she is usually teasing you and you got so offended one night you cried, and got mad at HER…..but I am the one talking….

Jason was teasing me about my Christmas budgeting system….so I started kicking him and Lolly was trying to help me but I told her that “I got this”….she left us “fighting” and then yelled from the other room: WATCH THE TEETH DAD!  (I often warn that to everyone or I point to my grill and say: twelve thousand dollars! (cost of my implants/crowns) so that we don’t rough house around my teeth!)


We happened upon an old home movie of me in SHOW CHOIR singing Carnivale. I confessed I had no idea what the song was about and  you looked at me and said: “It’s about Carnivale (pronounced correctly)…in Rio….Mom-seriously?”

Heaven is: dancing and free clothes

Being so upset when the principal asked for a round of applause b/c Obama was voted in. Your Dad totally brainwashed you.

Commenting on instagram ONLY in spanish

Speaking to us only in spanish

Talking to Pickle in Swahili

Asking us: What are those things called that are like smiley faces? (Parentheses)

While watching your film you started getting scared… And I thought it was funny because you already experienced all of it when you shot it. You said: the music!! (that’s what scared you)

Being pretty excited about getting your braces off. I think you have had a bowl of popcorn every other day. You missed it!


You always luck out and get  a parking spot right in front. I like how you start the car from our apartment. Fancy.

Completing the deal in the middle of Hurricane Sandy!

Losing more and more weight.

Getting a little light headed during church–I thought you were going to faint for a second.


Hearing Phoebe come to the door, and pulling the sheets over our heads to hide from her

Making you laugh SO HARD and then watching your lip curl under…you were scared and thrilled and couldn’t handle all that emotion. Craziest laugh followed by panic.  Don’t worry. I got it on tape.

Your new laughs, you inhale right in your chest…it seems like it would hurt, but you wake me up with it every morning and use it throughout the day

You are so good to go. We carried you around in the ergo for 6 hours on Saturday and you were just happy to be with your family.

giving “high-5’s” by placing your hand on ours when we hold it up.
The girls taught you how to grab the tic tac box… All 3 — so proud

Grabbing everything-it’s like you have magnets in your hands

You continue to be SO OFFENDED by food offerings.

You hug a little now–but usually when you are hungry, and also, when I hold you on my hip you bend in half to get your head RIGHT at my chest….you know where the milk is alright.

Holding a bottle with one hand and your hair with the other.


2 responses to “My Loves

  1. My goodness, this was a good month. Lolly’s were cracking me up! I wish the sacrament bread was cinnamon bread too, and I had to watch my kids faces one day when ours was pumpernickel too (not happy). And YES, watch the teeth!! Ha!

  2. You have so much to love. Such dear things to have documented so you can always remember them.

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