Crochet (and a little knit): Turkey Hat

After the VOTE, and much debate at the Posse Pad, I finally decided that a combination of Turkey Hat B and C was the way to go for my NEW turkey hat.

I was determined to NOT pay for another pattern as I already paid for my Turkey Hat Fail, so I improvised and combined patterns to make THIS:

I used this pattern for the hat and added flaps like I did on Pickle’s owl hat.  I used a double strand of Lion Brand’s Martha’s Extra Soft Wool Blend in Sable mixed with a strand of S.Charles Collezione Crystal in brown.  The body sparkles.  In the back I used Martha’s eyelash glitter in orange topaz and brownstone for the “back feathers”.

After that I had to make the turkey. I used Lion Brand’s Tom Turkey pattern for the body, and just one strand of the Martha and one of the Crystal. (They made a giant Turkey at the studio–cool!)  I liked the eyes on the letter B choice, so I used those eyes instead of plastic eyes.  I added hair and a bow to the head too, and of course knitted her a scarf.  Her features were made special by using the sparkly Lion Brand bon-bons. LOVE!

The feathers in the back were a combination of yarns including Vanna’s Choice in the new radiant orange.  I used the crazy-eyed turkey pattern for the feathers, only made 2 of each and stuffed them.  I improvised the design for the feet in Gold Vanna’s Glamour.

I love how it turned out.


One response to “Crochet (and a little knit): Turkey Hat

  1. Isn’t it fun to use your experience/knowledge to create something so uniquely yours? That is supreme creativity! Now you have it to enjoy for many future Thanksgivings.

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