Latest Medical Adventure

The latest adventure in Medical Drama is on my right foot. I had a soft swelling start up a few years ago when I trained for the half marathon, but after treating it with some steroid cream, it has come back full force and is now HARD.

The doc and I let it go through the pregnancy in case it was just edema, but it looks like it is here to stay, and guess what? It’s not made of bone!

So, lucky me! I get to have an MRI for my foot!

And most likely surgery!

My insurance is up at the end of March (sooooooo sad), so I have to sneak this all in before then.  I am bummed, because I was hoping to train for the Kentucky Half Marathon, but I will have to put that on hold for now.



One response to “Latest Medical Adventure

  1. eeeew! I say get it taken care of, you don’t want it to interfere with your cute shoes and sandals in the summertime.

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