Today we are attending the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for the 11th time! I have missed 2 (Can you BELIEVE IT?) I was fixing to make this crazy sexy turkey hat for my 10th anniversary, but it went you know where, in a you know what, so after considering the vote, I made a new version (It’s a combination of B and C)!  It’s lucky because it’s on the 11th parade, but my 9th time attending, so really it is still my 10th anniversary hat! (I know…)

I made the family watch all of our past Thanksgiving Parade home videos on Sunday.  It was fun to see the kids grow and their reactions.  Phoebz hated the clowns for her first 4 parades sweet girl.  I don’t do a video every year, but looking back I am glad I have the ones I have.

This is the first year I have read about who is going to be in the parade. I am pretty psyched about this EXACT list of people.  Can you believe the Fab 5 (I guess they are officially FIERCE 5 now) will be there? After WE were THEM for Halloween! I die.

Someone recently emailed me about doing the parade for the first time, and I am including my response here:

have you ever watched it down there. (45th street)
noI’ve read that the crowds get a little crazier the closer you get to Macy’s.i don’t know about that….Do you guys have to get there so early because you are watching the parade closer to the the start of the parade route or have you found that regardless of where you watch it you should plan on getting there at that time. We are first-row people.  We don’t enjoy events unless we are up close and personal, so it is worth it to us to invest the time to get those first row seats.  This is why we go early.  Since I have only watched it in the same place for now 11 years, I really cannot advise you on the spot where you are planning on watching.  But, if I were you, and were going to watch the parade at 45th street, I would certainly stick to the get-there-early plan….especially since that will be TOURIST-CITY.Any tips you have would be welcomed.
~If you send representatives to stake out a spot, I suggest bringing chairs and blankets.  These do better at warding off bodies than just bodies alone.  Once your whole crew is there and the parade has started, you can move chairs closer together, move blankets, to allow others to crowd in on you.~The better the forecast, the sooner it gets more crowded.~Picture the city streets.  Between the buildings and the police barricades is people.  There is no one policing the sidewalks, so the later you go, the more difficult it will be to get to your party.~Whatever side of the city you physically are to begin with, that should be the side of the parade route where you stand.  For eg. Since we come from the east, we sit on the east side of the street, because you cannot guarentee an opportunity to cross the street.~bring food and snacks, but do not plan on finding a bathroom until the parade is over.

My plan was to bring the baby in her big stroller…is that a bad idea?

Again, I do not know the situation at 45th Street, but there is barely room to even walk on the sidewalks, let alone push a small stroller, I would advise very strongly against the stroller.

Also, I just want to let you know that this situation can be very anxiety-inducing.  It is very difficult to get settled into your spot if you do NOT go early with the person who goes early, it is very noisy, and there is no way to escape once you are in your spot.

I would highly suggest you all watch the parade as close to the START as possible because you have little kids.  You can easily take the blue line from 45th street and pop out and watch it up there.

Alternately, watch it from the windows of the hotel room or from someone’s apartment.  I prefer the hometown experience of interacting with all the clowns etc. on street level,  but just seeing the balloons is fun too.

Hope that helps.

It can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

Here’s the report from 2009, I like how it came together.


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