5 Months Old~

I am absolutely devastated that my Pickle is 5 months old today.  I swear I am savoring this little bundle of joy and yet time is slipping through my fingers.  I feel so helpless to stop it!  I can’t believe that I stopped nursing my other two in a month from now!  I won’t be able to stop, I just know it.

Pickle has really come out of her shell this past month.  She is so much of everything.  When I hold her facing out, she moves every limb as fast as she can.  When she is observing, she is taking it all in.  Last week in church.  I stood her on my lap and she looked from me, to Lolly to Phoebe and back to me.    It’s like for the first time she regarded each of us as individuals. Then she heard Jason’s voice over the loud speaker and turned her head to find him.

If someone else is holding her and I say hello to her, she reacts to me like I am her Mama.  When we ride the subway she looks at all the faces, like she is trying to find someone she recognizes.  She is very generous with her smiles.

When she is vocalizing it can get very exuberant and loud and screechy.  She is what I would a imagine a baby pterodactyl to sound like.  She wakes me every morning with high pitched squealing: it is a sharp chesty inhale that often finishes with a little cough.  She is happy.  This month marked the first trauma and the first laughing so hard and then crying because of fear and fatigue.  Her emotions are developing right along with everything else.

Jason and I were looking back at pix of her from when she was born and have found her hair to have gotten so long! Of course it has!  I gave her her first trim last week.  She looks so different.  No teeth yet, but we swear one is coming in.

As we looked through month 1 -5, Jason asked: When do we start working on the next one? AW.


3 responses to “5 Months Old~

  1. She is such a gift.

  2. She is pretty incredible!!

  3. Your words about her are so wonderful. They will make her cry someday when she’s a Mommy feeling the same about her little ones.

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