Sandy Continued…

I can’t help but hear this song in my head a LOT lately.  So, just press play and listen as you continue reading.

Sandy seems to continue rearing her ugly head. (Is that the correct phrase?)

I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about it. Not a thing.

But!  I am starting to get nervous about the less than half a tank of gas in my car.  I have seen ONLY lines and lines and lines of cars and people waiting for gas.  I do not want to wait in line.  So I am carefully using my gas and hoping by the time I absolutely need to fill up, there will be some normalcy back in the gas department.

I have power. I have my stuff. I have my family. I have warmth and clothing and food and absolutely not one thing to complain about.  I would love to help serve but it is difficult for me to get away from my nursing baby, but the girls and I have donated what we could and Phoebe played a special concert on Friday and helped to raise $1400- for the Red Cross!  We still have the victims on our radar and will continue to help where we can!

Oh Sandy.

*Update. Yesterday we were able to get gas, it took 10 minutes to fill both cars. It was a Sandy miracle.


One response to “Sandy Continued…

  1. I just posted on fb about giving blood this afternoon. To come home and read your thought accompanied by the song, was very touching. I’m glad you weathered the storm so well. This whole story of Sandy has tugged on my heartstrings.

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