Coco 2012

Look who’s the new home video man on campus! Finally I get a break!  Sammika have a new fancy camera and Sam in particular is in to the VID portion.  Check out his awesome video of our 24 hours with Coco.  If he were here he would say: Make sure you change it to 720p HD before you press play!

4:57 “When you die, your whole family’s there waiting for you with a button on.”

6:10 That’s a hashtag

8:24 Surprise Ending



7 responses to “Coco 2012

  1. I still cry when I watch it!

  2. that was so sweet!! it made me tear up!! where was she coming home from? sorry, i must have missed that part lol…

  3. Fantastic job Sam!! Tears were streaming over here. I loved her reaction to Instagram. So fun!

  4. Haha thanks for the shout out. Those 24-48 hours that we had together will be the highlight to my 2012. Can’t wait for Christmas.

    ps. We can be joint partners in the home video department

  5. 1) This was so great. Sam you are great with the camera/editing. 2) I totally cried.

  6. So many things to love: the last time I saw Sam in real life, he was a shrimp of a pre-teen (I’m sure he doesn’t remember me), and now he’s MARRIED and all handsome and stuff; his wife looks like she’s related to the rest of y’all; Pickle holding her hair!; Coco with the children….oh, my heart. And what a beautiful woman she is. K, I just love love love your family. :)

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