I started making the SEXY TURKEY HAT a LONG time ago.  I even PAID big money for this pattern.

I am currently stuck on the pattern, not sure what to do next….AND! The hat is SUPER heavy and I’m not even halfway through AND! I am ready to give up.  And! I wanted to wear it to the 10th Macy’s Parade I attended.  (I think this year is my 9th because I missed 2…or would that make it my 8th?)

But! I still want a turkey hat so in honor of Election Day, I would like you to vote on which turkey hat I replace my abomination with.

Just enter in the comments which one you would like to see me wear to this year’s parade!

I REALLY wish I had the skeelz for this one:

May the best hat win!


20 responses to “VOTE

  1. B! They all look pretty awesome, but B is my choice..

  2. A all the way! That is too fantastic.

  3. A for sure! What is cooler than wearing a turkey carcass on your head????

  4. My vote goes to B!

  5. D for me – it’s subtle and fun – a winning combo.

  6. Helen Knowles

    I’m a traditionalist – C. I would hate for you to develop neck problems with a heavy hat on your head!

  7. I vote for C

  8. B!!! :)

  9. A!!!!!!

    And finish the big one!

  10. A!!!!!!!!

  11. I forgot to post my comment this morning. I vote for C with B as my second choice. If I were you, I’d rip out the unfinished gem and reuse the yarn on the winning choice. There is therapy and closure when you destroy the evidence of a pattern gone haywire.

  12. Jennika and I both agree that B is our last choice. A, C, and D are more fun and unique.

  13. A!!! :) (A is for Aimee & Awesome! can’t go wrong with A!)

  14. MelissaHoffy

    I would most realistically wear B, but wish i had the *guts* to wear A- It’s awesome!

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