These gals follow me on instagram. When they came to town, they made a comment on my insta that they were hoping for a Celebrity Pickle Siting.  I told them to email me their schedge, and it turned out we were in the same neighborhood around the same time!  We got a few treats and took a few pix.

They are from Kentucky! And her daughter had this really cute little polaroid camera and took our pic. I have been carrying it around between my iphone and my iphone case for weeks!  It was SO GREAT to meet them and Pickle felt very honored to have her first paparazzi experience!


2 responses to “Picklerazzi

  1. How hilarious this is. So fun for them. You’re good sports!

  2. Hey Glass Girls! We had a great week in NYC, meeting Pickle and the Posse was truly a highlight of our trip! Thank you for your spontaneity and sincerity, Kristy, you bring light to those around you. Sending you peace and love–Cammie & Mo

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