Crochet: yarn bomb animals

I am terrible at giving gifts to my nieces and nephews.  Read: I don’t give them presents or even acknowledge their birthdays. Eek.

I’m ok with it.  I just had to simplify back when I bumped my head and I have never started up again.  In fact, I didn’t even know that Pickle was born on my niece’s birthday. Whoops.

The point! I was going to see my nieces and nephew so I decided to bring them a little something. I asked their mom for their favorite animal and color and I yarn-bombed those suckers to give to them.

My nephew never spoke to me the entire trip, curled up in fright when I tried to hug him and basically just gave me the stinkface whenever I was around, but I think he likes his yarn-bombed dog.

Point for Aunt Kristy!


2 responses to “Crochet: yarn bomb animals

  1. No worries, I had everything lil Si guy loves the first time we met and it took us two trips to really bond. He’ll be much more open to you the next time he sees you.

  2. He loves the dog!!!!! That was definitely a point. When he rewards his first point, he never shows it in his face, but he most definitely takes note.

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