My Loves


You move your entire body so much and it is so hard to change you/bathe you/feed you/cuddle you.

You in the bathtub makes me laugh and smile every time.

I have gotten so many new wrinkles since you were born–you bring me so much joy!

I introduced you to bananas! Your face…you were so offended.  And you gag like an adult!

You are so content to observe everything around you-you are learning SO MUCH. I love when I am just puttering around the kitchen holding you and when I turn on the water you JUMP….like–WHOA! I did NOT see that coming! Innocence.


Pickle was in bed and Phoebe too (because she was sick) and it was just you with Dad and me and you said:”Isn’t it nice just having an only child?”

Dad: You need to be done with your practice by 3:30, what time are you going to start? Lolly: 3:29

It’s 4:51and I have to poop.

You just don’t eat. It doesn’t even occur to you to eat, I need to get better at feeding you.

You complained of being HUNGRY all the way home from school (ALWAYS when I forget/don’t bring a snack) and then you didn’t eat a thing until dinner.

You are starting to use big words here and there and it always surprises me! So fun.

You still hate reading.

You always complain about practicing. The other day you were complaining on your way to getting your flute and you stopped and said: OH my! I actually feel like I WANT to practice right now!

You played a flute obligato that I wrote for a primary song in church and it sounded really good!


You were so proud of yourself for doing your finger and toenails for the first time.

When discussing what Pickle’s first food should be, you suggested broccoli because that’s what breast milk smells like. (WHAT?)

After seeing the frozen black bean soup go into the pot you asked: What’s for dinner? Horse poop?

You still like to play American Girl Dolls and Barbies and I think it is very sweet.

You have gotten better at your tantrums, you quietly excuse yourself and go calm down.

As soon as Pickle is awake you are right there…you have a Pickle sensor

It was sweet seeing you play with your younger cousins…you are so good with small children.

Thank you for welcoming the new girls into our ward.  You were very nice to them.

Your enthusiasm for anything is amazing (many times overwhelming) and contagious. I love it. A trip to Grammy’s, Halloween…. etc.


Calling me to tell me “this is how we roll” with the girls singing their crazy pop music in the background.  You missed your turn because you made that call and were late to school for the first time!

Seeing a thank you note in the trash that someone had written me. You read it and then said: I saw that note in the trash-you change peoples lives and it makes me love you even more. (aw.)

You weigh yourself like 3 times a day, I am worried about your anorexia

Emailing me your Joseph Smith Marathon REsults. Because the route was messed up it was officially an ULTRA marathon. 27.7 miles, you finished in 13th place. Way to go.

Always giving us a great attitude when we expect you to dress up for Halloween- this time as a teenage girl! (Olympic gymnast).

I love when you participate in the improvisational singing that goes on in this house.

Your love for Pickle is so endearing. Glad you like her.


One response to “My Loves

  1. Laugh wrinkles, only child, playing dolls, found thank you note, all little things that would otherwise be forgotten in time. These posts are real jewels of your blogs. You’re so sweet to share them, it makes me more aware of the little things, thanks!

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