Just like Jimmy Fallon, I keep landing back in Grease when I think about her.

We got ready. We waited. She came. It’s over. But not really because we have no subway and no school.  I have been tweeting and instaing like mad, because I am one of the lucky ones with power, so you probably already know it all.  In case you don’t, here it is via instagram:

I am most devastated about this:



Joy sums up what I am feeling perfectly. (I am the friend she refers to.)

I am most happy about the neighbor playdate we should have already had:

3 weeks and 8 pounds apart, Pickle lost this HAIR WAR big time.

Thanks to all the texts, tweets, emails, calls, FB messages, prayers.  We felt it and we are fine.  My brother texted me this pic of what he called a graveyard.  Actually, it was where 111 homes used to stand. Can you imagine?



One response to “Sandy

  1. I am so sad about your park. The image that really gets me as I watch the TV coverage is that of the babies being evacuated from the hospitals.

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