Family Photoshoot

You know that family picture where everyone is matchy matchy?  All in one color? Black? white? denim?  Oh it never looks good.  I want to post examples here but that just seems mean, and I know you know what I am talking about.

I am pretty sure I really bug certain (if not all) members of my family when I insist we pay attention to what we wear in a family photo.  I require snapshots of clothes and I do some shopping sometimes and I report on our progress for weeks leading up to the photoshoot.

This year my Mom decided what the colors were going to be and I was pretty mad at her for not including me.  She had chosen 3 colors  and I just didn’t think that was enough for the amount of people in the photo! (15!).  I don’t know if anyone appreciated my insistence to style it in a certain way, but I didn’t care… I just went for it.

I had recently found this fabric and made Phoebe a skirt out of it, and I thought all the colors looked great together, allowed for enough variety, felt AUTUMN and would work for everyone’s pre-existing wardrobes.  Also, I knew Mom wanted chartreuse and there it was in the swatch!

Above is the swatch with a few items from my wardrobe next to it, just to show the fam that we can find stuff in our closet that works! And also a snapshot of the snapfish album that I collect photos in as we are getting ready for the photoshoot.

Here are a couple instagrams from our day.  When it was all said and done, I think everyone was happy with my insistence that we actually style this thing, instead of wearing solid color tops and jeans or something!

I noticed a lot of SKINNY JEANS looks were popping up, and mine originally had skinnies under my dress, but I decided to replace them with an orange petticoat.  I like how my look turned out. J was originally in a turquoise sweater but last minute we changed him to a flannel shirt.

We haven’t seen the final results of the shoot.  Little Pickle and her cousin (he’s on the bench next to Lolly) who is 2, were our wild cards!  We have no idea if they even smiled.  But I love that about family photos. It is a snapshot of EXACTLY where we are. Jason should have just stayed on his blackberry the whole time.

Just think! The next family photo will probably have more little people and maybe a big person for Coco!  You never know….ooh! What’s it going to look like? I better start styling now…


9 responses to “Family Photoshoot

  1. Blogland, I ate my humble pie and now admit for all the world to read that Kage knocked the colors for this photo shoot out of the park! Never again will I attempt to choose the colors. :)

  2. The days of monochrome family pics are over, that is just how it is. I think it was the easy thing to do. Mixing it up is more interesting. You did a wonderful and bold job. Right now colors are getting attention they deserve. I love it. Your photos will be rich as a group and individually let each person shine at the same time.

  3. As a photographer I have to say I REALLY wish everyone was like you or would let someone like me or you tell them what to wear. It makes ALL the difference it keeping it cohesive. Glad it worked out and love what you all are wearing! The petticoat was a good choice over the skinnies.

  4. You all look great! I wish I lived closer so I could hire you to style my family’s portraits. Looking forward to seeing the final pictures!

  5. perfect! i knew you would come up with something like this, that’s why i asked on formspring for clothing/posing ideas. i can’t wait for our family shoot in november. thanks so much for your reply!

  6. I may have to use you via email to help with a photo shoot for my family (whenever we get around to it). I am seriously terrible when it comes to this stuff. I never know which direction to take.

  7. Thank goodness we have never had a family photo of white t-shirts and rolled up jeans. I think our family photo history has been pretty good.

  8. i love these pics…the colors are so vibrant & go together beautifully!!

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