Book Witch

I invented the Book Witch back when Phoebe was in kindergarten.  I really wanted Elphaba-green for my makeup, but Alcone (the broadway source for makeup) was all out, so I had to get the next-best shade.  It’s SUPER green.

This time around my Book Witch had a Billy Ray Cyrus wig, instead of black spray for my own hair and I added some glitter and also some pink skull jewelry for breast cancer awareness.  I also decided against the warts.  I made sure Pickle watched the entire transformation just in case she freaked out a little (I once saw a baby freak out when his Mom was revealed after her EXTREME MAKEOVER), and didn’t recognize me. She was totally unaffected.

The little ones sometimes get scared of the Book Witch, so I wore my little baby critter in the bjorn and spoke with a sweet voice and told them I was a mommy…only a few were moved to tears.

I read at Malu Ice Cream Shop!  It has the best ice cream and I got “paid” with a pint!  Bonus!  Lots of friends came to see me including about half of my Sunbeam Class!  So much fun to see my little ones in a different context!


4 responses to “Book Witch

  1. I have never seen a more adorable cat; love that you wore your Halloween apron; and YOU are amazing!

  2. Fancy new site :)

  3. I am pretty sure your Sunbeams saw you in a different context too!

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