My sister-in-law is a photographer!  She recently got a new fancy camera and has been practicing on some of us.

Here she is in action:

The sylist and art director on set:

I asked her to take a few other photos of P and her future husband:

Last week I asked her to take a few snaps of me because my agent asked for some new photos. I am not quite ready to do a full photoshoot since I have some pounds to go, but Jenn took a few for me to tide her over.

Thanks Jennika!

If you live in Utah and are interested in getting snapped yourself, leave a comment and I will get you in touch!  She’s the best!


4 responses to “Photos

  1. Jennifer in GA

    Love the layout, Kage!! Can I make a teensy suggestion regarding the font? It appears a *very* light gray and combined with your typography choice it’s super hard to read. :(

  2. Great job to her!!

  3. Beautiful!

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