Fab 5

So I put it out there for all to love on and I have one taker so far!  My friend Jenny, her daughters and nieces ran with the Fab 5 idea! Don’t they look grand!

She said the best part of this costume is that the girls made it all themselves!

It’s not too late for you to be a fab 5 too, and if you are, I would LOVE to feature a photo of the finished product(s) on my blog!  Just leave a comment and I’ll email you where to send the pix!

Thanks Jenny and the Fab 5–you look FAB!


2 responses to “Fab 5

  1. Love it! Thanks a ton for the idea! So creative! They are so excited.

  2. Hi there! I love your blog and your cute family! I am a nanny and the 2 girls I am caring for are going as the Olympic Swimmers. They are actually swimmers in real life, and I have been following your fab 5 idea (and Carrie’s) for their costumes, seeing as it is too cold to go out in bathing suits! Hoping they will add goggles to their ensembles on Halloween! Thanks for the fun idea, it’ll keep them warm on cold trick or treating night this year!
    PS. I follow you on instagram.

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