My sister returned home with honor from serving a mission for the past 18 months in Santa Rosa, California, spanish-speaking.  Here she is as she greets us right after she got off the plane!

A lot happened in the past 18 months…maybe she’ll read up on it on my blog in her spare time…but the main event was our little Pickle joining us.

They were pretty excited to see each other.  Pickle actually spent quite a bit of time trying to eat Coco’s face on Linz’s t-shirt the afternoon before we went to the airport (in the 15-passenger van).

I didn’t love the pix I got at the airport…I think my insta’s are actually much better, so hop on over there and check out the hashtag #coco2012, or click on a few of my favorites.

Needless to write, we were all puh-retty excited to see this girl.  It’s fascinating to greet someone after their soul has been a little more refined.  She certainly saw and experienced a host of faith-building events and she wore it all over her face…a beaming beautiful girl.


3 responses to “Coco

  1. We miss you!

  2. AH! I love it. Such a happy memory, coming home. What an awesome welcome you gave her! So sweet.

  3. Amazing pics!!! Love and miss you!

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