Morning Pages

I was looking for something in one of my notebooks and I came across some Morning Pages I had written in 2008, before HB08.

Morning Pages January 15, 2008

“I do just want to have a baby.  I want to grow something inside me.  I want to feel life.  I want to experience that primal and raw experience of giving birth to a soul.  I want to name someone and dress someone.  I want to give my girls a sibling.  I want to create best friends in my children.  In this vast, wide city, I want a group to call on.  Individuals who can support and love each other during theses dark and hopeful times.  I want reinforcements and I do believe that despite my fears and misgivings that I can succeed at this.”

I really did wait for a long time.  No matter how I tried to shake that desire, it just stayed with me.  Finally got my little Pickle.  So happy.

Today my entire family will gather as a complete group for the first time ever.  The last time we were all together was probably in 2010 and since then little Pickle has joined our tribe.


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