Crochet: 1 hour crazy hat


Lolly had a birthday party and I had no gift, so I had to make something! I combined Lion Brand’s Radiant Orange Vanna’s Choice with a verigated something or other I had in my stash (no more label).   With a large hook (N I think) and a half double crochet, this baby worked up very quickly.  I added double pom-poms because Free People told me to.

I think a 7 year old would dig this hat.  I love the mix affect it has and the pom-poms are to die for.  Thanks for modeling for me Phoebz!


2 responses to “Crochet: 1 hour crazy hat

  1. You are amazing!!! It is super cute.

  2. In an hour? You should sit next to one of those sketch artists in Battery Park and see if you can crochet a hat for their subject in less time than it takes them to sketch the person. Winner takes the fee.

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