4 Months


My heavens 4 months has absolutely flown by.  This past week my little Pickle has discovered her toes.  Her new reflex of grabbing her hair and rolling to her right side is now rivaled by the grabbing toes reflex.  It depends on if she is distraught or content.

Her hair is still bananas.

Pickle and I doing a Times Square Sears Photobooth with our friend Morgan.

She likes to say variations on the word “Oh” a lot, especially when she is trying to get to sleep in the bjorn or the stroller.  She often wakes me up with her high-pitched squealy laughter.  Her cry has gotten a bit more grown up the past week.  She is still crazy baby Missy Franklin in the tub–all limbs moving a mile a minute.

When we are out we get stopped constantly.  So many people want to talk about what a beautiful baby she is.  I agree of course but I have thought all my babies were beauties.  The more it is a point of discussion the more we seem to think it’s because of her hair.

This little one continues to resist the urge to cuddle or settle at all.  Even when I pick her up to nurse she is coiling in her body and contracting all her muscles trying to get to the boob on her own.

In short: She’s a nut.


3 responses to “4 Months

  1. My viewpoint is that her hair catches your attention, her beauty lies in her facial features. She’s a beauty just like the rest of you!

  2. Tamela Terry

    Four months old… my favorite age! Enjoy!

  3. I’m sitting here reading this with my 8 m/o Drew in my lap. As soon as I got to the end and the pictures of Pickle, he started excitedly babbling to see another baby face! The must be destined to be friends!

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