Phoebz and I love Crafternoon at the New York Public Library.  It is always a beautiful afternoon spent with other crafters and a special guest.  This time it was Sarah Goldschadt who authored Craft-a-day (seen above taking a pic of our creations WHICH she posted on her blog.)  She even had a photobooth set up for us all to take pix of our creations.

Angela looks so pretty! (pinkies out!)

I can’t stop looking at my amazing Barbra T Shirt.

We worked on paper crafts together and with our friend Angela. We also met Sarah and Colleen who sat at our table.  Every time we go to Crafternoon we forget to bring cash for the raffle.  This time I bought 10 tickets and put Phoebe’s name on every single one.  First Colleen won Crafting with Cat Hair.  I noticed someone who had won Sarah’s book (the coveted prize) show interest in the Cat Hair book (which Colleen was not feeling)…so I jumped in and arranged a trade.

When Colleen won again and the Crafternoon girls were thinking about putting her name back in I convinced them that Colleen could forfeit her prize to me! So I won Creepy Cute Crochet.  Then Phoebe heard her name and she won Witch Craft.  We were pretty stoked to be winners.  And these prizes were RIGHT up our alley. Can’t wait for November!


3 responses to “Crafternoon

  1. What a great venue to take advantage of every month. I wish they had one of these at our library.

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