Back in the Swing

It’s been about a month since I met with my agent’s and threw my hat back into the ring.  I have only been to a handful of castings, but so far so good.  Yesterday I had to stop by one quickly after school.  I had to do an action shot of a morning stretch.  Lolly peaked at me while I did it and when it was all over demonstrated what I did, and then what I SHOULD have done to make it better.  Phoebe then gave me some tips on how to get into character, such as, having a back story and a character.  I wonder if that would have made my morning stretch more believable.

Pickle got the most attention.  I find myself graciously thanking people who gush about her and then suggesting that my other two turned out pretty great too.  Yesterday I looked around the room and noticed that my age group has inched up a bit… read: I’m now old.


One response to “Back in the Swing

  1. Stay-at-home Mom minus the stay at home part.

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