Back in May Jason surprised me with news that Barbra was coming to Brooklyn.  He then told me he intended on getting me tickets. I was so surprised and happy and stunned and thrilled.  I kind of forgot about it until I got a text while I was in Colorado that said: Can you get a babysitter for October 11th?

Yes I can.

I could not believe how thoughtful Mr. Glass was in this particular offer and follow-through.  He is not at all a Barbra fan….like, at all.

I was having a bad week and then Thursday came and suddenly I was going to see Barbra Streisand.  Her album, Live Concert at the Forum just got me through that little time there when you are growing up, awkward, discovering yourself.  The summer before high school started it was Babz and me. Stoney End! Sweet Inspiration!

When I picked up the girls from school that day I was so overwhelmed by the fact that in 6 hours I would be seeing Barbra, I sang a little Yentl for a few of my friends:

“There are moments, you remember all your life. There are moments you wait for and DREAM of all your life…this is one of those….moments.” (Of course I did NOT stop there, I sang for QUITE A WHILE) and then I did a little happy dance. I made such a scene, I discovered 2 other staff member who were also going (sitting in the nosebleeds I might add). My husband got me GUH-REAT seats! Amazing! Delicious!  Wonderful!

Here, press play so that you can picture it:

Anyway, we noticed there were some guest artists, and really I was just sick inside thinking I would have to sit through these acts before Barbra graced us.  But! I was wrong.  She just APPEARED after some crazy overture and lights situations and I just rose to my feet and when she sang: “I don’t know why I’m frightened.”  I just sat there doing the ugly cry. The. Ugly. Cry. I think Jason was a little surprised.

:14 is when the cry started.

The concert was at the new Barclays Center. This was Babz first time singing in Brooklyn–where she grew up! They played a really cool little documentary somebody made in the Summer of ’79 interviewing people from her hood.  It was awesome.  And of course we heard Duck Sauce’s BARBRA STREISAND a few times too.

Sam, you made the pants too long, Enough is Enough, The Way he Makes me Feel, You’re the top, Happy Days are here again, People, Evergreen, The Way we Were (this video has some awesome 70’s bow chicka bow wow in the orchestration), Don’t Rain on my Parade, Didn’t We, Make Your Garden Grow, Some Other Time…..the list goes on.  She sounded SO GOOD and so youthful at times.  I just sat there smiling and in awe the entire night.

Thanks my love for checking off a MAJOR Bucket List item.

Ohh oooh oohh ooh ooh woo ooh oohwoo ooh woo…. BARBRA STREISAND!

She didn’t sing this, but it’s one of my faves:


6 responses to “Barbra

  1. Words cannot express how happy I am for you.

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about you as I’ve heard about the concert here and there. I’m so happy for you that you got to go! What an experience!! And I was so excited to hear your report!!

  3. Oh this is amazing!!!! I love that she just appeared after the overture without guest artists.

  4. How gloriously DIVINE. Seriously, I was so happy for you going that it was like I was there too :)

  5. It took one comment from me “I am so jealous that Kristy is going to Barbara” and my friend was inspired to get me tickets when they announced she would be here at the bowl… :)
    I now cry when her songs come on the radio just thinking about going.
    I thought about you all day! I am so glad she lived up to expectations! And even happier that you got to see her. Can’t wait!!! I can die after November 9th.

    • Kristy Glass

      Seriously, I have your concert date ingrained (is that a word) in my head too!!!! In honor of you!

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

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