Columbus Day Weekend

It’s taken me an entire week to recover from last weekend.  It was challenging.   Highlights:

Brooklyn Fiber Festival. It was itty bitty, but I do love making contact with my fiber-loving people.  It was on the perimeter of a really cool playground in Park Slope, so everyone was happy.

Crafting: The girls were very dissatisfied with the lack of Halloween Decor, so they solved that right away:


I had a lovely dinner with some friends on Saturday and the food was so delicious. I only managed to get a photo of the homemade blueberry lemon pie.

General Conference:

We watched General Conference this weekend which we love and try to soak in, but the fact is we get much more out of it as we study it between sessions (it happens every April and October).  It’s hard to stop and watch for 2 hours…naps happen.  At one point both Jason and I were up in Phoebe’s top bunk watching because all other spaces were occupied by sleeping babies, violin-practicers and bounding Lollys (her bed is bigger but she wouldn’t share).

We did go over to the church in our Sunday Best for one session of it.  It’s much easier to focus that way…but it is nice to live stream it on the laptop too, when we pay attention.

In between all of this there was a lot of stir-crazy, cabin-fever, fighting, speaking-with-a-tone, possibly some yelling and inpatientness happening.  I did pretty well until Sunday night at 9 pm, I had had enough and put myself to bed, and didn’t get dressed until mid-day Tuesday.


4 responses to “Columbus Day Weekend

  1. Full weekend for your. A fiber fair sounds fabulous! I loved the talks given at Conference!!!!

  2. This is why I love your family. You guys do things and you to them together. So lovely, healthy and my idea of normal!

  3. That’s too cool that you watch the GC sessions!! My parents work there!! :)

    • Kristy Glass

      Allie- what do you mean they work there? Tell me more.

      I’m on the go – excuse the typos!

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