On Tuesday my friend Hailey invited me to the opening of Armani Junior.  Hosted by Elizabeth Street, which was new to me, I gladly said YES!

Hailey and I were the only girls dressed in color with our bright red and bright pink coats. She also had a fabulous apple green patent leather kate spade bag and turquoise tights.  We did manage to find ONE other party-goer with a very colorful suit on, so of course we took his pic. (see above)

The Armani Junior store was so beautiful, and very classic. Of course I noticed that their main model was a baby with dark brown HAIR!  That velvet cream dress was so cute in person and looked good on that beauty.

I didn’t pay attention to much of the boy clothes, because I do not have sons, but the merch was all impeccably laid out and I loved looking at the adorbz girlie stuff.

I found the food they were serving to be so itty bitty.  I loved trying the green apple delicacy on this tray:

Oh wait! Look! I did snap a photo of some of the boy layette.  Skinny tie?  How cute:

It was so nice to get out of my house and be a part of a little something for a quick moment.  The best part: The event ended at 8:30 so I was home safe in my bed just in time to face another day as Mom to my gaggle of girls.

It was fun to rub elbows with a few famous, fashionista folks.  For the next few days, 10% of the merchandise bought there will go towards Jessica Seinfeld’s Charity Baby Buggy.  I read up on it, and Baby Buggy has donated more than 5.6 million items to thousands of children.  That’s pretty cool.

ABOVE PHOTOS: Charlie Perry/


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