On Politics

I have been pretty quiet about the politics this season because frankly, I’m just not feeling my guy.  I was SO excited about Obama and the possibilities and the “hope and change”.  I don’t regret my vote…I mean—McCain/Palin? Seriously.

I have not been feeling Romney either.  As much as Mr. Glass is trying to convince me to vote his way this time (seriously honey–THAT much Bill O ‘Reilly does NOT help your cause), I knew I needed to see the debates before I made my choice.

I am one of those undecided’s that will determine who wins this election! That’s me! I am that tiny percentage of independents who hasn’t made up her mind yet!

I would LOVE to be stoked about Romney–I mean, he is one of my people!  I’m just not there yet.  I am just sitting in the middle watching very closely.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the Ryan/Biden debate this week, but

I will be at the Barbra Streisand Concert in Brooklyn (where she will undoubtedly discuss her political views), seeing my most favorite singer of all time LIVE for the first (probably last) TIME!!!!!!!!

So I will miss it.  Needless to say, I am not super hyped up about the election this year.  My girls have totally been swayed by their Dad (as they all were by me 4 years ago), and fighting their little Republican battles in the public schools of NYC…little dears.  I am watching and waiting and excited to see what happens and frankly, excited to see how I’ll vote!


8 responses to “On Politics

  1. You can watch the Ryan/Biden debate later it’s not like if you don’t watch it on TV that night you will never be able to watch it. I can’t vote for Obama again. The list of what he has accomplished and made worse it just sad. He also has no ideas on how to make the next 4 years better. All he does is trash the other side. His hope and change was just a smoke screen. That’s my two cents. Have a great time at your concert!

    • It sounds like a lot of folks feel the same as me! Thanks for all your comments! I agree-Streisand is going to be awesome.

  2. Helen Knowles

    There’s that little invention called the DVR so you can have your concert and the debate. I’m sided with your up close and personal bishop on this one….

  3. My dirty little secret: I *may* have been persuaded to vote for the Gov Romney of Massachusetts. He had an impressive record and showed he could work with both sides of the aisle (where Obama has failed miserably). I am pretty terrified of Campaign Romney.

  4. I live in Massachusetts, so I know Romney as our governor. I just don’t think the Romney that is a Presidential candidate is the same guy. He changes his opinions and positions so much to accommodate the political flavor of the people he’s catering to. So I just could never trust that what he says he’ll do and what he will do will be one and the same thing. If the Mitt Romney that was governor was running for President, I would actually be ok with that idea. But I’m nervous about candidate Romney becoming President..

  5. I could have written this entire post myself. I am that person too — the undecided. Debates and doing my homework will determine my vote. !!

  6. Try being an Obama supporter in North Carolina and going to a baptist church (yikes). I also tend to be undecided but leaning toward Obama….but my husband is Romney all the way. We are trying to talk politics without arguing (very tough). Streisand is going to be so more fun than any debate, have a great time!!!

  7. So Happy for you that you get to see & hear Barbra. What are you going to wear????

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